My Favorite Photo Editing Apps


People always ask me how I edit my photos and most of the time, they want to know the quickest easiest way to completely alter their photo to look succinct within their Instagram feed. Below are my absolute favorite editing apps right now to edit your instagram photos!

FACETUNE: Free. One of my favorite apps is Facetune! I use the “details” button on eyes to brighten and sharpen their appearance. I use the “smooth” button for skin smoothing. Lastly, I use the “patch” tool to cover blemishes.

TEZZA: Free. Tezza is an amazing instagram influencer who created this app for people just like you! I also use her Lightroom filters too. On her app she has three filters which are perfect for beginners. Once you’re in the app, pick one of the three free filters.

SNAPSEED: Free. This app is one of my favorites for specifically editing certain parts on your photo like dark spots or places you may want to add more color. To do this, use the brush tool to to adjust the lighting, temperature, and saturation of specific parts of your photo. Also, you can click the tune image app to change lighting etc. I always increase ambiance!

AFTERLIGHT: $2.99. This app is my favorite for adding vintage aspects to your photos. Click the “light” button to add “light leaks.” Sometimes I add dust via the “dust” tool to enhance the vintage look even more.


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