Yesss, it’s very true it’s possible to take stunning images on your iPhone. This photo was taken at golden hour which is basically the hour the sun is setting! Make sure to get there 30 minutes in advance to check out the space. Lighting is the single most important thing when taking photos with lower-end cameras and I personally love golden lighting and also bright white lighting in a well lit large space. When YOU are the subject, it is important to face the sun and have the photographer position the sun behind them when shooting outside.

If you want to add height to the subject of an image, have the photographer squat and shoot from down low pointing the iPhone upwards.

Scoping out the space you are shooting in is crucial. Make sure to walk around with your camera as your eyes to see what part of the space really sticks out to you as a beautiful backdrop that wont distract from you, the subject of the photo. I like to find straight painted lines on concrete or on walls that add depth to a potential image as seen here. A beautiful skyline is always helpful too! 

Follow the rule of thirds and make sure you, the subject, are in the center or on one of the three lines. You can even turn on the grid to make sure your photographer is perfectly aligning you. Turn on the grid by following these three steps:

  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone. 
  2. Tap on Photos & Camera.
  3. Under the Camera section, Tap the switch next to Grid to turn it on.

When you are the subject, don’t forget to practice your poses in ADVANCE. You should know your angles for shooting on any camera. If you’re in a good lighting situation, your photographer can also simply hold down the camera button to take photos rapid fire as you strike different poses to capture movement.

Pops of color are the perfect addition to any iPhone image. You can enhance their saturation and vibrance later in your favorite editing apps and they instantly make any photo much more eye-catching and interesting to look at like this food shot taken on my iPhone 8 Plus in Portrait Mode.

Lastly, you should still edit the photos on the Lightroom app. Increasing “whites” adding “vibrance,” “grain” and “sharpening” your image before adding your favorite Snapseed or VSCO filter is a crucial first step. You can read more about how I edit my photos here. 

Do you have any awesome iPhone shooting tips?! Comment them below to share with us! 


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