Establishing a Connection with Your Model and Why it Matters.

People tell me all the time, “I love how you capture people’s personalities in your photos.” What a compliment right?!

If you’re looking to start better capturing people’s personalities in your clients’ shots, I wanted to shed some light on my techniques for making my subjects/models feel comfortable during shoots. 

There are times where acting as ~professional~ as possible is important, but shooting someone in their element is not this time!

I find even dressing casually can actually put your model more at ease.

Start with a few questions:

  • What are some of your favorite shots of other models and why do you like those shots?
  • What are these photos we are shooting together for?

After getting those answers, you can then demonstrate some of the most recent shots you’ve taken that mimics the vibe your subject is going for so they know what to expect once the photos are delivered.

Making jokes works!

It’s true; cracking the ice as soon as possible is crucial to making your subject feel comfortable. 

Giving distinct direction.

It’s normal for your subject not to know how to pose. Posing is not natural! As the photographer, you need to know which poses are the most natural and photogenic looking in your shots. Relaxing and posing in real life looks very different in photos. Sometimes, you may have to physically move the models’ arms, legs, chin, hair, etc. to perfect a pose. Always ask for permission before touching your model.

Despite perfecting your models’ poses, it is still important for you to portray your subject how they really are!

Giving a little direction here and there offers even more confidence in shoots because you’ve demonstrated as the photographer that you are detailed oriented, you care about them loving the final results, and you have given your professional stamp of approval on the final pose!



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