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Finding Where to Shoot

Dedicate a day to driving around finding unique shops, walls, fields of flowers, free parks, restaurants, plant shops etc. that fit your particular brand. There are also plenty of blog posts about the cutest walls…

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Establishing a Connection with Your Model and Why it Matters.

People tell me all the time, “I love how you capture people’s personalities in your photos.” What a compliment right?! If you’re looking to start better capturing people’s personalities in your clients’ shots, I wanted…

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Yesss, it’s very true it’s possible to take stunning images on your iPhone. This photo was taken at golden hour which is basically the hour the sun is setting! Make sure to get there 30…

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My Favorite Photo Editing Apps

  People always ask me how I edit my photos and most of the time, they want to know the quickest easiest way to completely alter their photo to look succinct within their Instagram feed.…

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